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ATV Masters TT Shootout | April 7th & 8th, 2017

Ironclad Motorsports

Lenoir County Fairgrounds

401 Fairgrounds Rd | Kinston, NC 28504

GUARANTEED PRO PURSE $6,000 Per Day TOTAL of $12,000

AMATEURS contingency prizes and awards $8,000

Two day event with both days being scored for overall finish

Limited electric & water RV hook-ups for the weekend $75

Class Entry Fee

Pit Pass:

  • Weekend: $25
  • Friday: $25
  • Saturday: $25
  • Spectator: $5 (after 4pm)
  • (Kids 5 and under FREE)
  • (RIDERS FREE when you sign up for two classes on Thursday or Friday)

Amateurs/Youth: $40

Pro-Am: $80

Pro: $100


Heat/Main Format



  • PRO – can run Pro and Pro Am
  • PRO AM- can run Pro Am and Pro or Pro Am and Semi Pro Am
  • PRO AM SPEC – can run Pro Am and Pro or Pro Am and Semi Pro Am (This is a spec class which requires the use of “Hoosier” Tires on all 4 wheels. Any compound or size of Hoosier tire is legal. Tires used must be available to general public for sale)
  • SEMI PRO AM (A)- can run Semi Pro Am and Pro Am or Semi Pro Am and Open Amateur
  • B- Can run B and Open Amateur
  • C- can run C and Open Amateur – 12 yrs old must participate on machines that are rider eligible
  • Women- can run B, C, Open Amateur, Semi Pro Am or Pro Am
  • 35+
  • Two Stroke (Any two stroke 250r/Banshee ATV)
  • Open Amateur- 15+ years
  • Youth Open- 4 Stroke 400cc 12-15 yrs old/2 Stroke 91-240cc 12-15 yrs old
  • Mini Open- 2Stroke 105cc/4 Stroke 150cc 9-15 yrs old
  • 70-90cc 8-15 yrs old
  • 50-70cc 6-11 yrs old
  • 0-50cc- 4-8 yrs old
  • Novice/Knobby
  • 3 Wheelers
  • Side x Side- Must run TT tires
  • 0-50cc Beginner 4-6 yrs old (MUST HAVE STOCK MOTOR) Less than 1 year of race experience

Classes are subject to change
All riders must be 16 yrs old to ride a 450 cc motor


Thursday, April 6th:

Gates open: 9 am

Sign up: 5pm - 9 pm

Tech Inspection: 5 pm – 6 pm

Optional Practice: 6 pm – 9 pm ($20)

Friday, April 7th:

Gates & Sign up Open: 8 am

Tech Inspection: 9 am – 10 am

Riders Meeting: 11 am

Practice: 12 pm

Heats: 2 pm

Mains: 6:30 pm

Saturday, April 8th:

Gates & Sign up Open: 8 am

Tech Inspection: 9am – 10 am

Riders Meeting: 11 am

Practice: 12 pm

Heats: 2 pm

Mains: 6:30 pm


  • Pro Am 8/15 at riders’ discretion + or – (MUST TAKE JOKER LANE ONE TIME IN HEAT AND MAIN)
  • Pro Am SPEC 8/15 at riders’ discretion + or – (MUST TAKE JOKER LANE ONE TIME IN HEAT AND MAIN)
  • Semi Pro Am (A) 6/10
  • Amateur 6/8
  • Youth 6/8
  • 0-50cc 4/6

At referee’s discretion, the number of laps may be changed if track or weather conditions warrant.

Rider Advancement:

  • All class champions of B and C class need to advance to the next higher class.
  • Moving to a higher class in any race by rider will result in being permanently in the higher class. If a rider believes he/she is not able to compete in the higher class, he/she may appeal (once per season) in writing to the ATVMTTSO Board. Each case will be considered individually at a regular meeting of the board.
  • Riders who return to a lower class are only those who are considered to not be able to compete in the class they are leaving and will not dominate the class they are returning to.
  • Any rider returning to racing after a 2-year break must ask to be moved as explained above and cannot move back a class automatically without approval.


  • Green- Start
  • White- One lap until finish
  • Yellow-Caution. NO passing
  • Black- Rider disqualification
  • Blue- Indicates you are about to be passed or lapped. Do not impede their progress.
  • White with red cross- Emergency personnel on track. Exercise caution.
  • Checkered- Race is over
  • Red- Race is stopped

Rider Conduct:

  • All riders are responsible for their own actions and the actions of their family and pit crew. Any detrimental actions or abusive language directed at a track official, referee, or ATVMTTSO board member may result in disqualification. Riders should abide by an ethical code of conduct, integrity, and sportsmanship on and off the track.


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